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  Santiago de Chile:

A380 to fly at FIDAE Air Show as part of its Latin American Tour
For the first time Airbus will showcase its biggest stars together at the FIDAE Air Show (Feria Internacional del Aire y del Espacio) in Santiago, Chile. Both the iconic A380 and the new generation airlifter A400M will be in static display and conduct flight demonstrations at Latin America’s most important air show.

The A380’s participation at FIDAE is part of the aircraft’s Latin American Tour, which will include stops in Brazil (Sao Paulo on March 22 and Rio de Janeiro on March 23) and Argentina, (Buenos Aires on March 30) before returning to Toulouse. The aircraft will stay in Santiago de Chile for FIDAE between March 26 and 29.

A 380 at Paris Air Show (h.goussé/airbus)

- Airbus has been participating in FIDAE for nearly 30 years because it is the most important venue in Latin America to showcase the latest Airbus technology,” said Rafael Alonso, Executive Vice President of Airbus for Latin America and the Caribbean.

- With Latin American air traffic expected to triple in the next 20 years, Airbus estimates the region will require more than 40 very large aircraft, like the A380, between today and 2030. Bringing the A380 to the region has never been more relevant because it is not a question of when the A380 will begin to operate here, but rather what airline will be the first to fly it.”

With 138 airports visited worldwide, the A380 has proven it can be operated in existing airport infrastructure with no or little modifications. Today some 30 airports worldwide see A380 daily operations. In addition to these, more than 50 airports are ready or getting prepared to accommodate the A380 and answer the airlines’ need for more A380 destinations. The world’s largest, most comfortable and eco-efficient passenger aircraft, is now in service with some of the greatest international airlines. More than 70 A380 have been delivered already to 7 customers from a firm order book of 253 aircraft from 19 customers.

Airbus Military will bring the most versatile airlifter for the 21st Century, the A400M, to Latin America for the first time. Grizzly 2, one of the five flight test aircraft, will arrive at FIDAE on 26th of March and will stay at the show, in the static display, until 28th of March, when the aircraft will fly to Lima, Peru for a visit.

The A400M will be in Latin America until 1st of April and during this period, as part of the A400M Flight Test Campaign, it will perform High Altitude testing in Bolivia (Cochabamba and La Paz).

- Latin America is of strategic importance for Airbus Military and FIDAE is a key platform. The presence of the A400M shows how important this event is for our company”, said Antonio Rodriguez Barberán, Head of Commercial of Airbus Military.

The A400M is the all new military airlifter designed to satisfy not only the Armed Forces’ needs in the 21st Century, but also the needs of humanitarian aid and other “civic” missions to the benefit of society. Thanks to its advanced technologies, it is able to fly higher, faster and further while retaining high maneuverability, low speed and short, soft and rough airfield capabilities.

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